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College Advisor

8 months ago

Meet your College Advisor!

Hey, NCHS! My name is Mr. Donohue, and I am your college adviser for the next two years. I graduated from UVA in 2019 with a degree in Environmental Science & Anthropology. I'm here to help with any questions you may have about life after high school. Together, we can navigate SAT/ACT registration, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), personal essays, or even career planning. Come see me in the School Counseling office!

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @NCHSAdviser and "like" my "Governors for Success" Facebook page for updates, tips, and tricks. Go, Governors! 

What is Virginia College Advising Corps?

Since 2006, Nelson County High School has been a partner with the Virginia College Advising Corps (formerly known as the University of Virginia's College Guide Program). NCHS has a College Adviser working directly alongside the School Counselors to prepare Nelson students for the next step in their academic careers. 

The College Advisor does the following:

* Work with grades 9-12 to help create plans for life after high school.

* Help students prepare and register for the SAT and ACT, provide fee waivers for those who qualify.

* Help students understand what the SAT and ACT scores mean in terms of college readiness and             school choice.

* Answer any questions regarding college applications.

* Read and review your essays for college and scholarships.

* Assist with the financial aid process and facilitate FAFSA completion events.

* Hold parent meetings.