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About Us

"This everyday realm is deep and vast and subtle enough for me; I wish to live here with full awareness.  There are wonders enough in rivers and hills, in libraries and laboratories and museums, in alphabets and birds, to reward a lifetime of seeking." 

 ---Scott Russell Sanders

 When Nelson County High School was built in 1955, the library was located in a room, since renovated, in the location of Mrs. Van Lear's classroom.  In 1964, when the end of the math hall was built, the area past the staircase was the library and covered that end of the hall, Mrs. Leffert and Mr. Wells's classrooms and the Academic Conference Room.  That space was the Library Media Center from 1964-2003.  In the fall of 2003, the former cafeteria and kitchen became the new NCHS Library Media Center, a larger space with more resources for our high school family.     

While these changes in location were taking place, changes in information and learning formats were occurring.  Books, magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets were the only formats available in 1955; cassette players, filmstrips, instructional television, microfiche, and reel-to-reel movies were popular in the 1960's and lasted through the 1980's; videotapes, computer software, the Internet, and satellite TV were added in the ''80's and '90's.  As the 21st century dawned, Web 2.0 emerged which provided creative ways to express learning.  Now, all students have personal Chromebooks. That's why we've gone from being just a library to becoming a library media center!     

Visit the NCHS Library Media Center for your 21st century information and learning needs!

"The spoken word was the first technology by which man was able to let go of his environment in order to grasp it in a new way."     ---Marshall McLuhan

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