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Using the Library

There is more treasure in reading books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island. -------Walt Disney

Students may check out books, magazines, and some multimedia materials for two (2) weeks.  Materials must be returned to the library to be renewed until someone requests the books.  A student may have up to three (3) books or other materials checked out at one time.

A five (5) cents fine will be charged for each day an item is late, not to exceed $2.00.  Students who lose or damage an item will be charged the full replacement cost of that item.

Ebooks may be checked out at any time by the student.  They become unavailable after 5 days. See Miss Clark about downloading them to your iPad or Droid. 

Students may not check out books for other students. 

Print reference books may be checked out overnight to students.  These need to be returned to the library by the end of the school day the next day.

"I like reading nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells." ------Dr. Seuss

Students may not eat or drink in the library media center.  
The library belongs to everyone who attends NCHS.  It is everyone's responsibility to keep the Center neat and clean.
Students and staff should conduct themselves in a quiet, courteous, and civilized manner when using the library.
Students are encouraged to use the book return located just inside the entrance for returning books.
Students are encouraged to ask library staff for assistance at anytime that it may be needed.

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